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FLEET Phospho-soda Prep

Buy 3 oz. of Fleet Phospho-soda, either in one bottle or two 1.5 oz. bottles.

Only clear liquids on the day before the procedure- this includes chicken broth, apple juice, white grape juice, clear or yellow Gatorade or similar sport drinks, Lemon/Lime soft drinks, Ginger Ale, water.

Step 1
At 6 PM the night before the procedure:
Mix ½ fluid ounce of Phospho-soda in 8 fl. oz. of clear, chilled beverage of your choice (ginger ale works well). Drink this.

Step 2
10 minutes later - repeat Step 1

Step 3
10 more minutes later - repeat Step 1

Continue clear liquids after this as desired.

On the morning of the procedure, four to five hours before your scheduled arrival time, repeat Steps 1 - 3

Nothing more by mouth after finishing the prep. Wait one hour before taking any blood pressure, heart, lung or seizure medicine.

CALL IF ANY PROBLEMS: Dr. Borislow, 443-2920

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If you have any questions or problems please call 443-2920 or email Dr. Borislow at info@digestivehealthcare.com.