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Dr. Borislow will discuss the best preparation for each patient at their office visit. He also will be discussing where the colonoscopy will be scheduled based on various health factors, equipment utilization, and insurance requirement.

Colonoscopy With Possible Biopsy or Polypectomy

A colonoscopy is done to examination your lower gastrointestinal tract (colon or large intestine). After intravenous sedation to make the examination more comfortable, a flexible tube (colonoscope) will be inserted into your rectum and passed up through your colon. Your colon will be examined in detail. In addition, other procedures may be performed if needed, including taking samples of tissue (biopsies), removing polyps, and injecting or cauterizing bleeding sites. The colonoscope will usually be passed through the entire colon to the point where it meets the small intestine. A colonoscopy is considered the standard of care in diagnosing and treating diseases of the colon.


Alternatives to colonoscopy include x-ray studies and surgery. Colonoscopy may provide information that cannot be obtained by x-ray and offers the possibility of immediate treatment such as removal of polyps. Surgery to remove polyps carries a considerably higher risk.

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