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Clearwater Endoscopy Center

PHONE: (727) 443-0100
OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Friday 7 AM to 3:00 PM


What can I expect?

Upon entering the Center, you will be greeted in the front office. You will be requested to review our admitting information to make sure it is accurate. You will be requested to sign some forms (front and back). Signing enables us to bill your insurance company on your behalf. We will prepare a name band and, if indicated, an allergy band. You will then be greeted by a member of our nursing staff who will direct you to the dressing room and begin the nursing admission process to prepare you for your procedure.


After you have removed the appropriate clothing and donned a patient gown, you will be escorted to a stretcher. The nurse will obtain your signature on the informed consent form. This allows your Doctor to perform the procedure that he/she has explained to you. The nurse will then measure your blood pressure, temperature and pulse. The nurse will review your health history with you, including current medications, allergies and the reason you are having the procedure. The nurse will insert an intravenous needle so that we may give you the sedative to make you comfortable and sleepy. This is a twilight sleep not general anesthesia. Those receiving IV sedation MUST be accompanies, and be driven home by a responsible adult companion, as you should not drive for 24 hours after your exam. NO EXCEPTIONS. Alternatively, those using a taxi service MUST also have a responsible adult companion upon departure. If you do not have a responsible adult companion, arrangements can be made in advance, usually for a fee, with a number of private home care agencies to provide such service. Ask your doctor's office nurse about these arrangements at least 48 hours in advance.


Your will be transferred to a private examination room for your procedure. Your doctor will greet you and assess any changes in your health. You will be attached to standard monitoring equipment which includes automatic blood pressure cuff, pulse and oxygen monitoring. If you have a cardiac condition you may also be attached to an EKG monitor. You may have heard the term M.A.C. or Monitored Anesthesia Care when discussing your procedure with your physician. M.A.C. refers to sedation while under the care of the Anesthesia provider. This sedation may range from mild sedation to a state of unconsciousness. Throughout this sedation, the patient's heart, blood pressure, and breathing are monitored closely by the Anesthesia provider. Additional oxygen or breathing assistance may be given if necessary. If your Doctor feels that Anesthesia is not needed, nor requested, he will instruct the nurse to begin administering your IV sedation. When you are relaxed and sleepy the procedure will begin. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.


Once your procedure is complete, you will be transferred to the Recovery Room where the nurse will monitor your vital signs and assess your abdomen for fullness or distention, You will be encourages to pass any air that was instilled during your procedure. The air is clean and odorless. If your responsible adult companion is in the waiting room, you're your permission, they will be allowed to sit at your bedside while you awaken from the sedation. The sedation produces amnesia for the procedure. Your doctor will speak with you after the procedure and give you preliminary findings of your procedure. Any polyps or biopsies are sent to the lab for analysis and your Doctor's office will contact you with the formal report in approximately 7 working days. You will be in the recovery room approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour following your procedure. Anticipate that your total time at the Center will be approximately 2 hours. This time may be longer or shorter depending on how you feel and your full readiness for discharge. Written instructions will be reviewed and given to you before you are discharged, including any dietary restrictions, new medications, additional tests ordered, and the need for a follow up appointment with your gastroenterologist or your primary care doctor. You may experience mild cramping for several hours after your procedure. If you should experience severe discomfort or any of the symptoms outlines on your discharge instructions, you should contact your doctor immediately at the number provided on the instructions.

Because education is an important part of your medical care, you have been provided with this information to prepare you for this procedure. In all cases, please follow the instructions provide to you by your physician when you discussed your procedure at his office. If you have additional question, please feel free to discuss them with the Endoscopy nurse or your Doctor.

Please follow all preparation instructions given to your by your Doctor's office especially any bowel cleansing instructions. An adequate preparation is of primary importance.

Please bring with you to your appointment:

  • This education information
  • Your insurance information
  • A responsible adult companion. (If you are receiving sedation.)
  • A list of ALL your current medications, or list on this form
  • A list of your medication allergies and what reaction you had.
  • Any questions you or your responsible adult companion may have.

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