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Fiber Restricted/Low Residue

Dietary fiber is the undigestible parts of plants. In certain medical conditions such as inflammatory bowel diseases, or patients receiving intestinal surgery, it is important to restrict fiber. A restricted fiber diet will reduce fecal bulk. This diet also restricts fat intake because fatty foods are also difficult to digest.

2 cups or more as tolerated. Whole, skim, 2%, buttermilk, evaporated.
One or more.
Meat or Meat Substitutes:
2 or more servings of lean meat, poultry, fish, smooth peanut butter, cheese. Do not use fried meats, fish, or poultry, spicy meats, fatty meats, spicy cheese, crunchy peanut butter.
One or more servings. Potatoes, pasta, white rice.
2 or more servings. Asparagus, peas, carrots, beets, green or waxed beans, eggplant, green peppers, kale, collards, cooked celery, mushrooms, okra, spinach, summer squash, tomato, zucchini. One serving should be a good source of Vitamin A such as: asparagus, spinach, carrots. Vegetables should be well cooked and tender. Do not use any raw vegetables except lettuce or those vegetables not listed. No dried beans or peas.
Fruit or Fruit Juices:
2 or more servings. Canned or cooked peaches, pears, applesauce, apricots, mandarin oranges, baked apples without skin, white (Royal Anne) cherries, ripe banana; all fruit juices except prune. One serving should be a good source of Vitamin C such as oranges and orange juice; or 2 fair sources such as peaches, pears or bananas. Do not eat pineapple or dried fruits.
Bread and Cereal:
4 or more servings. Enriched white bread, soda crackers, melba toast, bagels, plain biscuits, Danish pastry and coffee cake without nuts, cornbread, plain muffins, pancakes, rolls, waffles, any cooked refined cereal, ready to eat cereals of corn, rice or oats. Do not eat bread or rolls with nuts, donuts, whole wheat bread , cereals or pastas, bran cereals, flax cereals, graham crackers, and barley.
In moderate amounts. Butter, margarine, cream, mayonnaise, salad oil, crisp bacon, mild salad dressings, shortening, or meat gravies. Do not use spicy dressings.
As desired. Cream and broth soups made with allowed vegetables. No dried beans or peas.
Dessert and Sweets:
In moderate amounts. Cakes, cookies custard, ice cream, sherbet honey, jelly, sugar, syrup, molasses. Do not use preserves or any desserts that contain coconut, seeds, nuts, or fruits not allowed.
As desired. Coffees, teas, soft drinks, sodas, cocoa, lemonade.
In moderation. All spices, vinegar, mild sauces, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise. Do not eat nuts, coconuts, olives, pickles, raw garlic, raw onions, horseradish, spicy sauces, relish, parsley, popcorn.
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