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Gastroparesis is the medical term for delayed stomach emptying. The stomach contracts during digestion to empty food and liquid into the small intestine. The stomach should empty within 90-120 minutes of eating. If contractions are slowed or weak, stomach emptying is delayed. This can result in inadequate nutrition and discomfort. Gastroparesis is seen commonly in conditions such as Diabetes or in disorders of the nervous system. Many times however, no cause may be found. Your doctor can prescribe medications to help stimulate the stomach to contract.

In addition to medications you will be instructed to follow a diet that will help to improve your symptoms and maintain adequate nutrition. The goal is to encourage foods from all food groups. No specific diet is given since patients with this problem may have very different health concerns.

Helpful tips:
Small, frequent meals
Consider lunch for larger meal
Avoid high fat foods
Decrease whole grains, raw vegetables,
Liquids pass easier than solids so consider low fat soups
Take medication as prescribed
Call your doctor with any concerns
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